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Legacy Kids Servathon

The Legacy Kids Servathon is the October school-wide fundraiser. In the past eight years this campaign has grossed over $707,000. A geo-thermal heating and cooling system has been installed in the southeast annex. To advertise the school, a digital sign has been constructed on Sandusky Street. An enclosed walkway has been completed between the two buildings providing a one door entrance to the church and school. A security key card system was purchased with Legacy funds to increase our ability to control visitors and enhance safety measures. Other purchases include student desks, chairs, lockers, custom window shades, gymnasium lights, Pre-Kindergarten classroom equipment and much more. Some of the monies earned benefit class and student accounts which fund mission trips and class projects. Some years the monies are used to to balance the budget.

Our Servathon motto is:

John 13:35 - Showing Christ by serving others. Every student in the school is assigned a service project. Younger students will design placemats The Better Way who serves Thanksgiving dinner to the homeless and those in need in the Columbus Short North area. Other students visit nursing homes. Older students scrub walls and floors, paint fences, sort clothes and shelve food at local agencies. DCS wants to serve our community by implementing the Kingdom command, "Whoever wants to be great among you must be the servant of all."

The 2013 Legacy Kids Servathon will be held Friday, October 2. If you wish further information regarding the Servathon or corporate sponsorship, please email Joyce Johnson at joyce.johnson@dcschool.org or call the school at 740-369-7783.